Our Delivery Services in Cape Town


Our Pickup and Delivery Services

Items we


No Envelope is too small or too big to Deliver.

Gift Items

They include flowers for your loved ones, gift items from your favorite gift shops and so on.


Let us help you adjust to the new normal with groceries delivered straight to your door hassle free.

Medical Supplies

Get your medical supplies delivered straight to your door.


Place your order from your favorite floral shop and we will collect and deliver your flowers. Surprise your parents, partner or child with a special flower arrangement or birthday gift.

Food Pickup

We deliver your takeaways from your favorite restaurants. You provide us with the order number, we collect and deliver.


We provide delivery for furniture, provided that the weight does not exceed 10Kg.


How it works

To use our services, follow the steps below

Set GPS Co-ordinates

First setup your pickup and drop-off location.

Choose vehicle & Pay

Choose what vehicle you would like to use. Here, you'll get an estimate of how much it will cost. Proceed with the appropriate option and pay the equivalent cost.

Express Delivery

A member of our team will contact you shortly. We will be in touch via email or WhatsApp, depending on the customer's personal preference.

24/7 Active Suport Team

Need Immediate Support Or Any Help?

Our team is on standby for any questions you may have. Want to find out more? Want to make a special request? Connect with us.

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