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Cape Town International Airport Transfers and Public Transport

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Cape Town International Airport

Skip the queues and start your Cape Town adventure stress-free! Book your airport transfer in advance and choose from a variety of comfortable and reliable options to suit your needs and budget:

  • Private Transfers

    The most convenient option, offering direct door-to-door service for your group. Perfect for a relaxing start to your trip.

  • Shared Shuttles

    A cost-effective option for getting to popular destinations in Cape Town. Shared shuttles depart at scheduled times and may involve multiple stops.

  • Metered Taxis

    Readily available at the airport for quick trips into the city or if you prefer not to pre-book. Fares are calculated by meter.

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Public Transport from Cape Town International Airport

For budget-minded travelers or those who prefer public transport, the MyCiti bus service offers a reliable and affordable option to reach Cape Town city center:

  • MyCiti Buses

    Depart regularly from the airport station, making it a convenient choice. Purchase tickets beforehand online [Link to the MyCiti Bus Service Guide] or at the airport station.

  • While budget-friendly, MyCiti buses may have less frequent departures compared to taxis or shuttles, and can get crowded during peak hours.